Water Damage Photo Gallery

Dishwasher Water Damage

Dishwashers can be very convenient, until they aren't. This homeowner's dishwasher dumped water into the kitchen and ruined a good portion of the wood flooring. We removed the damaged floor and dried out the rest.  

Water Damage in downstairs bedroom

Leaky pipes? Foundation leak? Wherever the water came from, SERVPRO of Gurnee came and we made it "Like it never even happened." We removed drywall and some carpet so the leak could be fixed then repaired and rebuilt the walls.

Tree Falls on Gurnee Home

A tree fell on this Gurnee home and caused damage to the roof that then caused water to leak inside the home. Carpet was dried and ceilings and walls were fixed to help this homeowner get back to normal.

Frozen and burst pipe in Antioch

A pipe on the second story froze and burst while the homeowner was out of town. Luckily the neighbor noticed and called the city to shut off the water. SERVPRO of Gurnee dried out and cleaned the flooring and carpet and replaced the damaged walls and ceiling.

Flooding from a Sprinkler Head in Lake Bluff, IL

A sprinkler head caused flooding in a Lake Bluff Home. SERVPRO® of Gurnee and SERVPRO® of Libertyville/ N. Chicago City/ Lake Bluff used our Injectidry drying system which can remove hidden moisture from high risk areas such as specialty flooring.

Frozen Pipe in Antoich

This customer had a pipe freeze and burst in their second story of their home. It caused damage to the ceiling as well as a large area of the first floor.