Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Roof Damage from Storms

High winds from storms can cause serious damage to roofs. Most damage isn't noticed until it's gotten bad. This home owner had roof damage occur during a bad storm which caused water damage to the insulation and ceiling. 

Sump Pump back up after Storm

Sometimes when mother nature decides we need a lot of rain all at once, the excess of water can cause numerous problems. This homeowner had their sump pump back up and flood their lower level. This is after we mitigated a downstairs bedroom.

Polar Vortex caused pipe in kitchen to burst

Another victim of the polar Vortex, this homeowner had a pipe burst under their sink. It caused extensive damage to floors walls and cabinets. We were able to dry and clean everything for them as well as replace anything that couldn't be cleaned.

Condo Pipe Burst

A second floor unit had a pipe freeze and burst during the Polar Vortex. It damaged that unit as well as the first floor unit below then made it's way to the basement of the building. We removed all the damaged walls and insulation and dried out both units.

Pipe burst in basement ceiling

During the Polar Vortex, this homeowner unfortunately experienced a burst pipe in their basement ceiling. It leaked into the workout area and damaged the floor and walls as well. We were able to dry everything out and replace everything that was damaged.

Storm Damage to Home

We were called to help another franchise location in North Carolina after hurricanes swept through the area. This homeowner unfortunately had damage to their roof with the entire attic and crawlspace affected as well. We helped clean up and dry out the property.