Commercial Photo Gallery

Nearby Explosion causes office damage

An office space received damage after a nearby building exploded. This office received minimal damage, but the building that exploded was not that lucky. SERVPRO was able to come in and clean up the mess and repair the damage.

Office Bathroom Break

A staff toilet overflowed and started leaking into the office space at the City Hall building in Waukegan. Once the leak was fixed, SERVPRO of Gurnee was able to come, dry out and clean the space.

Shopping Center water loss

Multiple units in a shopping center in Gurnee had water damage due to a burst pipe in the building. We were able to clean up the water and mess to make sure the business owners could open again. 

Dentist Office pipe burst

Another casualty of the Polar Vortex, this dentist office in Gurnee hnd significant damage. SERVPRO was there, same day, to start the drying and mitigation process to get them back to normal.

Insurance Office Affected by Polar Vortex

When the polar Vortex hit, an American Family Insurance Agency unfortunately came to work and noticed lots of water on their floor. A pipe had burst and we were able to dry and clean everything for them.

Church basement water loss in Waukegan

After a pipe burst in the lower level ceiling of Trinity Church in Waukegan, our crew was there to dry out and clean up the water and damage left behind.